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Join us at REXPO Reptile Expo
REXPO is over 1.5 acres of pure herpetoculture in one massive building. The layout provides ease of traffic circulation and every single spot has an equal opportunity to sell. There are no bad vendor spots at REXPO. We are large but only a handful of vendor spots open up each show. There are over 200 tables available and over 100 vendors.  All vendors of the current show have the opportunity to secure their table for the next event. Most of them do that at REXPO. After the first wave of vendors is complete we move on to any open tables.

How are open tables filled?  
There are several variables. REXPO has slots for types of vendors. For example there are amphibian vendors, feeder vendors, gecko vendors and the list goes on and on. Our ultimate goal is species diversity and we attempt to meet the expectation of our patrons. REXPO has a wait list that we work with. We will look at what type of vendor isn't returning and attempt to fill by species. This doesn't mean you won't get in. It just means that we cap species, products, feeders etc.  We're very transparent because we believe in integrity. We still invite you to inquire regardless of what you sell.

All about Species...
REXPO is one of the most species diverse conventions in the United States. We have slots for common species. Once those slots are full we will not bring in more exhibitors with that particular species. If you are a multi species exhibitor and offer a diverse product line it increases your chances of becoming a vendor. REXPO can't be dominated by a select few species. We do encourage you to apply regardless of what you sell because slots do open up in every category. However, our wait list is broken into species slots.

How much are tables?
Tables are billed at $100 per eight foot table.  

Beginning in 2022 Tables Purchased at REXPO for the next upcoming show will remain $100. We allow a grace period 1 week after REXPO to pay electronicaly at $100 per table.  After the 1 week grace period tables will be $150. New Vendors to REXPO will begin at the $100 per table fee. REXPO takes this $100 fee you pay and turns it into thousands of people to buy your animals. It's a small price to pay for the opportunity we provide each and every vendor. If you have any questions we'd gladly explain the process via phone, email, or messenger.

Can I have the same location?
We try extremely hard to give you the same location time and time again. However, when managing an expo of over 200 tables and vendor needs it's not always possible. Our biggest challenge is fitting everyone. It's a gigantic puzzle. We give it our best shot to lock you into a location but it's not always possible for many reasons.

Does REXPO put it's vendors in multiple rooms?
Absolutely not. REXPO is one ginormous open floor space. No annex, no stage, no offset rooms, no L shapes, no upstairs, and no downstairs. Each vendor has the same opportunity no matter location because everyone is in the same room. We don't use pipe and drape to keep an open floor. Standing in the front of REXPO you can see the back. The people might look tiny but it's wide open.

When can I setup?
REXPO begins setup early for vendors beginning on Friday at 12pm to 7pm. We offer this early setup to every vendor. It's a great opportunity to avoid the stress of morning setup. If you can't make Friday, we begin again at 6:00 am to 8:45 am. At 8:45 am the overhead door closes and doesn't reopen until departure at the end of the day.

How can I sign up?
Very simple. Just fill out the inquiry form below and we will invoice you or send a communication putting you on a wait list. The process is really quick. Usually withing 24 hours. As stated previously we're extremely transparent and once you get into REXPO we hope you'll be part of the family forever. Ask other vendors and don't take my word for it. REXPO rocks and we'd love to have you with us.

Professional presentation is required at REXPO.  We absolutely require a full length table covering that is floor length.  This means that the table we provide must not be showing at all towards the customer. There are many places you can purchase an 8 foot fitted polyester table covering for around $20 shipped to your home.  REXPO doesn't care about how you want to present yourself. It can be as simplistic or as elaborate as you wish.  However, full length table covering is mandatory.  Here is a link to purchase 8 foot fitted table cloths.  It's a $20 investment into your business.

Need to buy a Table Cloth Click Here.

REXPO also encourages / requires the following items:  

Full lenght table covering fitted to an 8 foot table.  (Mandatory)

Overhead signage for customers to identify you. (Encouraged)

Table Runners for Business Identification.  (Encouraged)

Business Cards. (Highly Encouraged)

Propper display for what you are selling.  Please consider acrylic, deli cup, or custom glass displays for your animals.  Sterlite bins stacked on your table isn't considered acceptable for most purposes other than displaying lizards that require heat lamps and aquatic animals.  (Highly Encouraged)

1 table
2 tables (depending on availability)
3 tables (depending on availability)
4 tables (depending on availability)
Over 4 tables (please specify amount)

Yes, I the vendor will provide my own full length table dressing. This table dressing will fully cover the table and be floor length.
No, I would like to rent a table dressing from REXPO for an additional $50 fee per table.

Yes, I will fully comply
No, I choose not to exhibit at this time.

 Tree Frogs Other Geckos Hognose Snakes Chameleons
 Dart Frogs Ball Pythons Other Snakes Other Lizards
 Newts | Salamanders Boa Constrictor Turtles | Tortoises Not Applicable
 Other Amphibians Sand Boas Bearded Dragons
 Crested Geckos King | Milk Snakes Monitor Lizards
 Leopard Geckos Corn Snakes Tegus

Captive Bred by myself
Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Field Collected
Both Field Collected and Captive Bred
Field Collected and Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Field Collected, Captive Bred by Myself, and Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Not Applicable to what I sell
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