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REXPO is the largest single day reptile and amphibian convention in the nation.
The layout provides ease of traffic circulation and every single spot has an equal opportunity to sell. There are no bad vendor spots at REXPO. We are large but only a handful of vendor spots open up each show. All vendors of the current show have the opportunity to secure their table for the next event. Most of them do that at REXPO. After the first wave of vendors is complete we move on to any open tables.

How are open tables filled?  
There are several variables. REXPO has slots for types of vendors. For example there are amphibian vendors, feeder vendors, gecko vendors and the list goes on and on. Our ultimate goal is species diversity and we attempt to meet the expectation of our patrons. REXPO has a wait list that we work with. We will look at what type of vendor isn't returning and attempt to fill by species. This doesn't mean you won't get in. It just means that we cap species, products, feeders etc.  We're very transparent because we believe in integrity. We still invite you to inquire regardless of what you sell.

All about Species...
REXPO is one of the most species diverse conventions in the United States. We have slots for common species. Once those slots are full we will not bring in more exhibitors with that particular species. If you are a multi species exhibitor and offer a diverse product line it increases your chances of becoming a vendor. REXPO can't be dominated by a select few species. We do encourage you to apply regardless of what you sell because slots do open up in every category. However, our wait list is broken into species slots.

How much are tables?
Tables are billed at $125 per eight foot table and includes electric.  

Can I have the same location?
We try extremely hard to give you the same location time and time again. However, when managing an expo it's not always possible. Our biggest challenge is fitting everyone. It's a gigantic puzzle. We give it our best shot to lock you into a location but it's not always possible for many reasons.

When can I setup?
REXPO begins setup early for vendors beginning on Friday at 12pm to 6pm. We offer this early setup to every vendor. It's a great opportunity to avoid the stress of morning setup. If you can't make Friday, we begin again at 6:00 am to 8:45 am. At 8:45 am the overhead door closes and doesn't reopen until departure at the end of the day.

How can I sign up?
Very simple. Just fill out the inquiry form below and we will invoice you or send a communication putting you on a wait list. The process is really quick. Usually withing 24 hours. As stated previously we're extremely transparent and once you get into REXPO we hope you'll be part of the family forever. Ask other vendors and don't take my word for it. REXPO rocks and we'd love to have you with us.

Professional presentation is required at REXPO.
We absolutely require a full length table covering that is floor length.  
This means that the table we provide must not be showing at all towards the customer. There are many places you can purchase an 8 foot fitted polyester table covering for around $20 shipped to your home.  REXPO doesn't care about how you want to present yourself. It can be as simplistic or as elaborate as you wish.  However, full length table covering is mandatory.  Here is a link to purchase 8 foot fitted table cloths.  It's a $20 investment into your business.

Need to buy a Table Cloth Click Here.

REXPO also encourages / requires the following items:  

Full lenght table covering fitted to an 8 foot table.  (Mandatory)

Overhead signage for customers to identify you. (Encouraged)

Table Runners for Business Identification.  (Encouraged)

Business Cards. (Highly Encouraged)

New York Sales Tax Certificate of Authority for NYS Businesses (REQUIRED)

Propper display for what you are selling.  Please consider acrylic, deli cup, or custom glass displays for your animals.  Sterlite bins stacked on your table isn't considered acceptable for most purposes other than displaying lizards that require heat lamps and aquatic animals.  (Highly Encouraged)

*Please Note:  Aquariums on top of tables is not permitted.  If you have a display that uses aquariums please seek REXPO approval.  (Mandatory)

 Breeders Symposium (Captive Bred Only) on March 30th 2024
 Megacon on July 13th 2024
 Breeders Symposium (Captive Bred Only) on October 26th 2024

I have a New York State Tax Certificate of Authority
I am an out of state business and do not conduct business in New York State more than 12 times per year.
I am a new NYS business and the application is in progress. I will submit before vending.

NYS Tax Certificate is easy to obtain if you don't already have one. There is a direct link above in the terms that will get you started.

Yes, I have vended REXPO
No, This is my first time

1 table
2 tables (depending on availability)
3 tables (depending on availability)
4 tables (depending on availability)
Over 4 tables (please specify amount)

Captive Bred by myself
Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Field Collected
Both Field Collected and Captive Bred
Field Collected and Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Field Collected, Captive Bred by Myself, and Captive Bred by a reptile distributor
Not Applicable to what I sell

 Tree Frogs Other Geckos Hognose Snakes Chameleons
 Dart Frogs Ball Pythons Other Snakes Other Lizards
 Newts | Salamanders Boa Constrictor Turtles | Tortoises Not Applicable
 Other Amphibians Sand Boas Bearded Dragons
 Crested Geckos King | Milk Snakes Monitor Lizards
 Leopard Geckos Corn Snakes Tegus

Aquariums can only be used to display aquatic and semi aquatic animals.  Aquariums are not a substitute for propper display of animals being sold.  Please invest in deli cups, deli cup display, acrylic displays, or something similar.  Any questions, ask REXPO first.

Sterlite and Plastic bins stacked on top of each other are not an acceptable display at REXPO.  Opaque storage bins shall not be used to display animal unless used for arid lizards that require a heat lamp.  

Table dressing will be provided by the vendor.  It must cover the entire surface and length of the table. Table legs are not to be showing. Floor length. Presentation matters.  We don't dictate your style or how you want to present but the proper table dressing is mandatory.  Without proper table etiquette you will not be able to vend.

All Tables are 8 feet long. Each Table must be dressed by the vendor. Tables must be fully covered. Table dressing must be floor length and none of the table legs showing. REXPO can rent full table cloths for $50 per table and we must be notified prior to invoicing.

No tables will be reserved before payment is received.
Table fees are non refundable and won't be transfered to another event date.

Vendors that setup early pre show are responsible for all their gear, merchandise, or animals.  REXPO the event is not responsible for any exhibitors property or animals for any reason.

No soliciting other shows, conventions, or gatherings that aren't REXPO.

Only show personnel will be allowed during set up and break down hours.

Only paid vendors are allowed to display animals for sale at the event.

The expo ends at 4pm, please plan on staying for the duration.

All Venomous Reptiles and the following species CAN'T be sold or displayed at a REXPO event:
Burmese Python (Python m. bivittatus), Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus), African Rock Python (Python sabae), Green Anaconda (Eunectes maurinus), Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus), Australian Amethystine Python (Morelia amethistina kinhorni), Indian Python (Python molurus), Asiatic (water) Monitor (V. salvator), Nile Monitor (V. nilocitus), White Throat Monitor (V. albigularus), Black Throat Monitor (V. albigularus ionides) and Crocodile Monitor (V. salvadori) and any hybrid thereof, and or all Crocadilla ,all are illegal under NYS law  Native species are not permitted for sale.  Turtles and Tortoises must have a minimum carpace length of 4 inches to be offered for sale.

All animals must be displayed in cleanly quarters without visible feces or urates. Multiple animals per enclosure are permitted as long as they aren’t overcrowded. This will be at the discretion of show hosts. Any animals that are deemed unhealthy cannot be displayed for sale. Animals with mites or ticks will be removed from the sales area and cannot be displayed.  Animals must be identified to the buyer as captive bred, captive born, farm raised, or wild caught. The buyer has the right to know and it is just good business practice.  

New York State requires a tax certificate to buy and sell in the state. Please have a NYS Tax Certificate available.

Vendors assume all liability for their animals. Vendors will assume all liability allowing a customer to handle their animals and removal from it's secure enclosure. It is recomended that each vendor carries his/her own liability insurance.

REXPO is fully insured but will not accept liability for bites, scratches, or anything harmful to patrons of the event, this is the vendors responsibility for their specific animals.

Any injury to vendor or custmer is the sole responsibility of your orginization. REXPO and all promoters, vendors, volunteers, and anyone affiliated with the REXPO team maintains no liability.

REXPO reserves the right to remove vendors that don't comply with the rules, guidelines, and state regulations.  REXPO reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any vendor.  Each individual show contract is for a single show and does not imply that you are entitled to an exact location each REXPO.  Each individual show contract does not imply that you will be allowed to return every expo.  Each individual show contact is exactly that. Payment for a table(s) for a specified date and time to sell ones product.    Exhibitors are solely responsible for all needed permits, licensing, sales, transportation, importation, exportation, taxes or anything unmentioned to conduct business.  Vending at REXPO is agreement to these terms and conditions.

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